How to defeat Hacker

Do not submit your information to unknown agency

Today I need to introduce you a trick those many hacker or intruder use to harm you or your internet enabled devices.


Last day, in newspaper I read an advertisement about recruitment of B. E., M. C. A., M. B. A. or many other branches included in that advertisement, it only have an email ID & a no contact number. Advertisement of category those recruitments as well as other were never verified by any newspaper agencies. Now It may be a good example when anyone who wish to find a work will be submitted his resume to given email ID. Here we don’t know about the company details, mostly this type of advertisement contents an email like or

Now come to the point to explore hackers view to you. The terrorist activities in world only happen because of this trick, how just focus on it. You were submitted your all personal details inside the resume. And terrorist or criminals create an identity card or legal document according to your information.

Always be a smart learner :

  • Collect information about the advertiser, by finding details on internet of particular email ID.
  • Always call on the given number in advertisement, listen their voice tone, their language more interestingly to focus on dramatic specification of job.
  • If the advertiser is specifying him a placement agency then ask him his actual address.
  • It’s a best way to verify the address of advertiser from your contacts located in advertiser city
  • Read news about the fraud advertisement on internet because they always selected cities randomly, so always to be mature to search it on internet first.
  • Always visit to find new articles about to aware about market hackers or criminal views

Guys if there is a really a good job good plan for you is always present to a good way, no conditions and no fraud.