Vipassana | A journey to discover a truth about you

Vipassana is an original meditation technique with purity available in the world formally discovered by Lord Gautam Buddha. Gautam was a real person who became a Buddha with his dedication to humanity and discovery of real truth of moksha. During that period Gautam tried lots of techniques those learned from different teachers popular in the world to find the cause of sadness but he failed due to improper knowledge of teachers about moksha. But he never quiet and started his own journey to find real cause of sadness and moksha. He worked hard & tried different techniques. Finally he got the truth. And he became a Buddha. The Vipassana is a discovery of that journey. Vipassana was not only popular in those time but even today lot of people practice it.

Actually, when siddharth became Buddha, he had thought of spreading the vipassana technique all over the world, to make people happy and free from sadness. He discovered some rules to practice vipassana technique. Large numbers of people joined him at different times from different places from different region all over the world. The technique of vipassana is now available from chain of gurus(teachers) and shishya(students). Purity in vipassana is only the characteristics that make vipassana more powerful. Everyone must learn it from only a good Master (Guru) who will donate it with purity. It’s a life changing technique for everyone who can practice it.


Characteristics of vipassana:

  • Vipassana is a pure form of meditation technique.
  • It is very powerful meditation technique if you practice regularly.
  • Everyone irrespective of gender, color, caste, culture can practice this technique.
  • Regular practice required.
  • For good result you need to follow rules while practice vipassana in daily life.
  • This technique is available for free, no fees is charged to learn vipassana, you can donate if you feel. The course available for free and management of the center is carried on from the donations of the followers of vipassana and students of vipassana who completed the vipassana course.