Efficient way to the art of digital marketing

How digital marketing helps you to get more relevant leads for business?

What is digital marketing?

A simple answer is promoting your business services or products through digital channels like social media, search engine, mobile applications, websites or new upcoming related technologies that involves electronic devices.

What are benefits of digital marketing?

  • It will help to create brand awareness and engagement with audience after sales and service.
  • It will help you to convert new buyers into your repetitive buyer who buy more.
  • It will help to increase higher conversion ratio of selling.
  • It will help to minimize the buyers journey from begin to purchase to end with sale.
  • It will save cost of budget for expenses on advertisement.

Why digital marketing popular today?

Consider an advertise on billboard, and think

  • How many people looking your products advertise?
  • Is billboard on right location to catch attention of people who pass around it?
  • Are right people looks my billboard?
  • How many chances of conversion to successful deal through billboard?
  • How much you pay for billboard ads?

It totally depends on the number of persons who passing near to it and how many just notice your billboard.

The same scenario about traditional marketing, they just broadcasting but less interacting with customers and ultimately lower conversion ratio at end.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Consider Google, approx 90% of your prospects used Google platforms every day. Think if your business is highlighted by Google to your prospect when they looking for services like you offered, you will gain more traffic towards your websites and phones.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

It’s a technique to develop resources for search engine that will get higher rank under SERP while user entered his query in search engine. Higher effort required to make a SEO of any website, video, image, apps to rank at top from large amount of resources. It based on the search engine algorithms and will changes frequently.

Content marketing

People said content is a king! Its right statement but relevant content is necessity to interaction with your customers. Unnecessary content of a subject may increase bounce rate of interaction. You have lot of choices like relevant graphics, artworks, blogs, websites that will help your customers to reach you.

Graphics speaks more than word. A good artwork for advertise not only attract the attention but also will cause to interaction.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now in lockdown because of the COVID 19, if you study the consumption of internet data is higher and guesses how many people interact every day with social media except their working time. From couple of years study you definitely understand people also spent their valuable time on social media like YouTube, facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Facebook also give you opportunity to promote your business on their platform. Remember the sponsored ads while you checkout your facebook post. It get an idea how it help you.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

It’s a strategy to adverting simply meaning you can pay only if someone will click on your advertisement. Depends on your market analysis and goal of advertisement campaign you can use it and take its benefits.

Affiliate marketing

You can earn money by promoting ecommerce websites products. Today you can find many affiliate websites who redirects you to websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Email marketing

An email is the real hero behind the scene, your customers like a human touch but digitally. Do you remember some of emails in your inbox that could be your shopping purchase, greeting from shop, paid webinar news announcement, new offers at your favorite shopping portal etc. these are some examples. Now you understand your inbox is now a place of advertiser’s promotion platform.