How effectively spend your time in lockdown

How effectively spend your time in lockdown

Meditation: Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique such as focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. It help you to stay calm in panic situation during rumors you listened from sources like news, social media etc.

Learn new skill: This is a good time to learn new skill that will help you in the present & future. If you are a computer field guy then learning new computer programming languages are the recipe that helps you in your career after lockdown. Learn language for a country that you plan for your travel destination after finishing lockdown. Learn cooking recipe foods helps you in survival time.

Upgrade your skill: Skill should be upgraded to live in competition during your job. So learn the new things in your working area also helpful.

Creative work: creativity is important factor to build something. According to your interest you can build lot of things those are helpful in your home improvement during lockdown period. Watch some good creative ideas available on youtube.

Body workout: Take daily workout activities to achieve a body as you dreamed for you. You can do yoga, healthy workout without gym and healthy diet to achieve. It makes you active always & help to increase your immunity to fight with virus infection.

Diet: Take vitamin c food juices & vegetable in your daily diet to increase immunity power. Find out some vitamin c juices & vegetable recipe on google or youtube.

Entertainment: In your daily busy working schedule you missed lot of things that were also important in life. Someone doesn’t have time to spend some hours with family for watching movie. The right time is now. Also you can listen & enjoy your favorite sound tracks. Spend a time with your family members make you free from stress.

Spend some time with yourself: Think about a day when you talk with yourself “I don’t have a time to complete some task because of my daily working schedule”. Now think you have a good time for thinking to structure your planning. Now you have a time and you have a dream. Work on it. If you are businessmen then plan how to grow your business with digital marketing techniques. You can live with your hobby that you love most like drawing, painting, reading etc.

Plan a trip: Plan a trip for your favorite destination after finishing the lockdown.

Help to Nation: You can help government and social groups who actively support people’s welfare in lockdown period by providing important product using your skill. Help them for serve your country. Don’t spread rumors, stay at home & stay safe.